/January 24, 2018

Women of Peace Project funded by Feminist Review Trust 2018

The project aims to recruit and train 12 local women from Le4 0SU area as Restorative Justice Facilitators. The area is a very diverse and deprived neighbourhood and the women trained will support and empower women in the local area to deal with conflicts within the neighbourhood. These women will be trained on (Restorative Justice Approaches, Conflict resolution and management, non-violent communication, peace and relationship building). The training activities are sequenced to support steady growth in the understandings and skills needed to support authentic dialogue and problem solving in the community.  The training emphasises fairness through understanding, and including everyone who is immediately affected by challenging circumstances in discovering the solutions. The training will enable the women to run and facilitate weekly sessions aimed to resolve conflicts amongst women in the area as well as support and empower women in the neighbourhood during Restorative Circle sessions.  The sessions will bring local women experiencing neighbourhood conflict and disputes together to resolve their disputes peacefully, facilitated the women trained. These women will also carry out additional outreach to raise awareness about what they do and encourage women in the communities to attend weekly sessions and discuss local issues to find a common solution. Through Restorative Circle sessions, women will dialogue with other women from different culture, religion and race, and through this interaction gain new skills and understanding of other cultural, racial and religious values of women in the area. The project aims to connect those women that have been disconnected by conflicts and disputes in these neighbourhood especially local women through Restorative Circles and Peace Circle sessions. A Peace Circle is a community process for bringing community together and supporting the vulnerable, marginalised/disadvantaged and the privileged in the community. It brings together the wider community – within an intentional systemic context, to dialogue as equal.