About Us

Restorative Justice Initiative (Midlands) is  a Charity and  Community Interest Company CIC committed to provide Restorative Justice/Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation services)  to local communities, victims, children  and young people and incarcerated offenders in the Midlands. We mediate crime/conflicts between victim and offenders and assists to reintegrate ex-offenders and young people with their families/communities. Restorative Justice Initiative (Midlands)  is a Member of The IARS International Institute (IARS).
About us

Our mission is to develop and support various models of justice which create opportunities between victims and offenders, and their communities for healing, restoration and integration. The offender, the victim, and the community all must play an active role throughout the process in order to arrive at a workable, equitable, fair, and just resolution to the problem.

We train Community members, Police officers, Housing Officers ASB investigators and teachers to become Restorative Justice Practitioners. We also have a Foundation training in Restorative Justice Practice meant for RJ referring officers, workplace supervisors,  managers, school teachers, police and housing officers.