The RJI Team

Leon Dundas
Programme and Training Manager

Leon is an experienced Senior Public Sector Manager and Conflict Resolution/Restorative Justice specialist with a track record of leading positive change in and through third sector organisations and the Justice system. He has been a mediator since 1995 and Restorative Justice practitioner since 1999; doing business and criminal justice cases, facilitating family conferences, community panels, Restorative Approaches in schools  as well as restorative justice circles in communities with high levels of violence. He has had deep involvement in Jamaica’s shift in mediation practice from agreement focussed work (targeted at reduce caseload in courts) to transformative mediation and the beginning of full-fledged Restorative practice. He co-wrote and delivered the Dispute Resolution Foundation’s Mediation; Train the Trainer, Advanced Mediation and Restorative Justice Awareness Courses as we;; as Conflict Resolution for the University of the West Indies and Jamaica Social Investment Fund(JSIF).

Leon joined the RJI(M) team in 2012 after 7 years facilitating Restorative Justice Interventions in UK prisons including SORI and Belief in Change.  Alongside a long history of mediation, he is an Associate RJ Practitioner with RJC.  Leon is an  approved RJ trainer by Restorative Solutions CIC

Mrs Jane Elliot
Coordinator Women of Peace Project

Jane Elliott has been a restorative justice practitioner for almost 9 years. She started as a volunteer, during her sociology and psychology degree. Jane has been involved in mediating neighbourhood cases in conjunction with other colleagues. Her passion for restorative justice led her to further her education in criminology and even became a guest lecturer associate at Leicester university and De Montfort university. She became a volunteer coordinator and head of ‘WOMEN OF PEACE’ project to this day. Female empowerment through supporting each other is a forefront for her. The project has been a success as boundaries like language, religion and violence have been explored and tackled appropriately. Jane is always looking for an opportunity to evangelise restorative justice, and promoting peace in her community. Always eager to learn and quick to build rapport, you will be delighted to meet and work with her.

Melanie Wilson (BA, MSc)

mel passport

Mel Wilson is a Practising Integrative Psychotherapist and Restorative Justice Practitioner.
She works with both children and adults.
Mel worked in higher management in international industry for over 30 years and as a Trustee for an international exchange charity, whilst also studying. She has studied and partaken in archaeology, sports psychology and coaching, several modalities of psychotherapy including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mediation, Restorative Justice and Evolutionary Psychology. These experiences have allowed her to appreciate the wide variety of different perspectives individuals can have and how oppositional views can be of benefit to both parties, as well as understand how an appreciation of each other’s views and the impact that these may have on others can widen horizons and allow a closer understanding of others' perspectives, giving a way forward to a mutually beneficial resolution.
Mel works both with groups within a Restorative Justice setting and with individuals who might like to explore their reactions to conflict in greater depth and the impact that has on their personal well-being. She is looking forward to progressing as an RJ trainer in the near future. She adds value to knowledge regarding the integration of Psychological needs of victims and offenders within RJ practice.