What We Do

Restorative Justice Services

Conflicts mediation in communities

Victims – offender mediation

Family group conference (mediation service to young people & families/communities)

Offender reintegration  ( offenders and their families/communties)

Criminological and victimological research (restorative justice)

Criminal Justice System/Process training for young people at risk of offending

Restorative Justice Practitioner Training

To positively contribute and promote Restorative Justice Philosophies and Practices in local communities in the Midlands and beyond, through the provision of accessible Restorative Justice Services and practice and educational programmes, which focus on developing professional skills.
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  • To become a leading provider of Restorative Justice services, which combines theory and practice
  • To contribute to research on RJ services, which serves the interests of local communities
  • To make RJ household phenomenon and accessible to all victims and offenders and those in conflicts/disputes

  • Personal Integrity to ensure best practice
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Good Management
  • Professionalism and diligence in practice
  • Ethical Behaviour - Confidentiality
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Multi-cultural awareness and tolerance/equality

Our Core Values

Quality Service & Practice

Partnerships – National and Internationally Recognised RJ institutions that are registered and approved by jurisdictions in Countries around the World.

RJIM is committed to maintaining high standards of RJ services and practice, enhancing the quality of RJ service offered, and providing a high-quality RJ training to local community members, stakeholders, and students.

The professionalism and creativity of our team, individually and collectively, make a vital contribution to the enhancement RJ practice, from individual attention given to victims and offenders and those in conflicts, to the development of new programmes.