Programme Description

We attend to four types of restorative justice dialogue/meetings. These include victim-offender mediation, family  group conferencing, circles, and “other.” All have in common the inclusion of victims and offenders in direct talks, nearly always face-to-face, about a specific offense, wrongdoing or infraction. The presence of at least one third person who serves as mediator, facilitator, convener, or circle keeper; and usually, advance preparation of the parties so they will know what to expect. The focus of the encounter always involves naming what happened, identifying its impact, and coming to some common understanding, often including reaching agreement as to how any resultant harm will be repaired. Use of these processes can take place at any point in the justice process, including pre-arrest, pre-court referral, pre-sentencing, or post-sentencing and even during incarceration.

- Victim-Offender Mediation (VOM)

- Family group conferencing

- Peace-making circles

- Offender Reintegration

- Other