Restorative Justice Practitioner Training

Our skilled trainers trains RJ practitioners in Schools, workplace and community volunteers to work within the Criminal Justice System, Residential Care Setting and Fostering Services.

In Schools

Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands is committed to helping to educate the next generation of decision-makers on the need and benefits of Restorative Justice in schools and other educational bodies to improve the awareness, aspirations and attainment of pupils.

Our approach is to provide practical support to teaching and support staff by bringing Restorative Justice Interest and expertise into the classroom while providing a range of opportunities for pupils to engage in Restorative projects and activities outside the school gates, embedding Restorative learning in community settings and harnessing the educational benefits of the natural world.

Our RJ work help schools achieve best standards of discipline to improve efficiency in their campus, for example by helping children to act as peers mediators maintaining discipline in school grounds.

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