Timbuktu Learning Centre (TLC)

The Centre of Learning, Empowerment & Academic Coaching


“Empowering young people to develop their competitive edge.”


  1. To empower young people from all backgrounds with a sense of worth and potential by enabling them to discover their voice, their unique self-worth.
  2. To produce dynamic, self-motivated individuals, with high self-esteem, who value education, lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement.
  3. To encourage young people to choose to proactively create a great future for themselves and their community.


Timbuktu is the learning and training arm of Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands a local organisation in Leicester. Timbuktu is on a mission to build the capacity for all of young people and those from the Black and Ethic Minority (BAME) community. Through academic coaching, we aim to develop their ability to learn in and out of formal education setting and continuously improve intellectual, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our mission is the wholistic development of the child.

Through supplementary education, TCL aims to supports children at KS1, KS2 and KS3 as well as SATS, GCSE and A ‘Level Preps.  TLC offers a range of learning opportunities, including national curriculum subjects (English, maths, science, and others), School homework, cultural studies, physical fitness (bike riding, walking, jogging, basketball & football). TLC will also offer mentoring, career development and leadership training programmes.

Why Academic Coaching?

The approach to learning is as important as the learner and the learning process. In order to understand why coaching, it’s important to understand the origin and fundamentals of coaching. Wikipedia explains that: “The first use of the term "coach" in connection with an instructor or trainer arose around 1830 in Oxford University slang for a tutor who "carried" a student through an exam. The word "coaching" thus identified a process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be.” TLC aims to transport young people from where they are to where they can choose to be if they explore and access their full potential.

In Academic Coaching, the focus is on the capability of the Coachee. How can the Coachee continuously improve their performance? Every Coachee is different, with different capabilities and the coach must pay attention to this and work with the Coachee to find themselves and be the best that they can be.

TLC has a wholistic approach which encourages young people to acquire knowledge and skills; intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Our teaching and learning programmes encourage students to take control of their learning. We aim to equip learners with knowledge gathering skills, study skills, learning tools & techniques and to offer them choices so that they can take responsibility and a leading role in their learning, emotional social and cognitive development.


Education Programme

  1. Core subjects: Maths, English & Science
  2. Homework: School Homework, all subjects. Provide guidance
  3. Extracurricular: Physical education & Leadership. Motivational Speakers.
  4. Parental involvement: 1-2-1 meetings for updates on child’s development

Academic coaches:

Our academic coaching strives to:

  • Engage young people with education as a way of improving their educational attainments,
  • Promote self-esteem, confidence and personal development.
  • Inspire and encourage our young people to persist in achieving a solid educational foundation
  • Provide young people with valuable insight into the importance of working hard to achieve their goals

Coaching Sessions

Academic coaching sessions School curriculum mainly Maths, Science and English. School homework.
Personal development workshops Leadership, Motivational speakers
Physical education Bike riding, Walking, Jogging, Basketball, Football etc
Trips Heritage sites, cities, cultural workshops

For more information email us at: [email protected]