Restorative Justice Practice/Training in Schools


Schools are seeking ways to create a safe environment for their students, but incidences of bullying and violence still pervade. Student suspension rates are on the rise and many argue that forbidding students from coming to school exacerbates, rather than remediates, the problem. Suspension may also lack effectiveness since it denies conversation about underlying issues and unmet needs. Nor does suspension offer alternative strategies for handling anger effectively or navigating conflict tactfully; non-violently. Basically, it skips over the teaching point.

Enter Restorative Justice, which has been shown not only to decrease suspension rates anywhere from 40% to 80%, but has also resulted in a nearly 50% drop in absenteeism and a 60% decrease in tardiness. Restorative Justice has the potential to offer negative leaders reason enough and structure enough to step into positive leadership roles inside and outside of the classroom.

Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands is committed to helping to educate the next generation of decision-makers on the need and benefits of Restorative Justice in schools and other educational bodies to improve the awareness, aspirations and attainment of pupils.

Our approach is to provide practical support to teaching and support staff by bringing Restorative Justice Interest and expertise into the classroom while providing a range of opportunities for pupils to engage in Restorative projects and activities outside the school gates, embedding Restorative learning in community settings and harnessing the educational benefits of the natural world. Our RJ work help schools achieve best standards of discipline to improve efficiency in their campus, for example by helping children to act as peers’ mediators maintaining discipline in school grounds.

The types of problems that can be effectively tackled by introducing restorative justice in school include:

  • Serious bullying
  • Criminal damage in school
  • Healing rifts between school and parent
  • Classroom conflict
  • Poor attendance
  • Averting exclusion

Training in Schools

  1. Training groups of 8-12 teachers (3 days) £ 3960 +VAT
  2. Training teachers on foundation of RJ (1day) £128 +VAT per person
  3. Training pupils/students group of 8-10 (1 day) £ 500 +VAT

Please contact our skilled trainers for more information:
The office on :0116 2222629
07538 706 914
Home Farm Centre, Leicester, LE4 OSU
E-mail: [email protected]