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Currently, all our vacancies are for voluntary positions but we will always reimburse travel expenses. We are always happy to give references for people who have worked hard for us.

Restorative Justice Practioners

This is a very unique volunteering opportunity for people who really want to make a difference. We are looking for community-minded people to learn the skills to bring people together and help reduce crime and conflict. If you are interested to become one of our mediators, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us to request an application pack.

We are currently recruiting volunteers!

IT and Communications Manager

This position would be ideal for an IT/Media professional or student willing to donate some of their time to helping us maximise our online presence and IT resources. Contact us to request an application pack.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to give whatever time they can to helping us reach our funding potential. This is a great opportunity for people looking to gain some experience in the third sector with an exciting charity. Contact us to request an application pack.

Fundraising and Project Researchers

Student Placements

We offer rewarding work placements for undergraduates and postgraduates who are interested in the area of Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice. This could be part of the course's credits or simply a work experience opprtunity to improve your employment prospects. We recommend that you read the testimonial written by Margaret Davis, who completed a work placement with us as part of her MSc in Forensic Psychology at the University of Leicester in 2012. Contact us to request an application pack.

by Margaret Davis

"February 2012 began my involvement with the lovely organisation called the Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands. I contacted RJI  Midlands enquiring about the possibility of volunteering with the organisation as a qualifier for the MSc Forensic Psychology programme at the University of Leicester. I was asked to complete an online volunteer application form, after which I would then be re-contacted. Within a few days of submitting the form, I was greeted by a phone call from an enthusiastic Dr. Denis Tanfa, the director at Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands, who was very pleased by my application. He informed me that the organisation's policy stipulates that volunteers be interviewed and trained before actively volunteering. I attended an interview with Dr. Tanfa and the organisation's volunteer training coordinator, Jane Bailey. At the interview, I explained the particulars of the placement module and I was assured that I had secured a placement opportunity with the organisation. I was struck the sincerity of both individuals, and by the investment of the organisation in proper volunteer training.

Volunteer Testimonial

While the official start date for the placement was in June, in March I attended a three day training course in restorative mediation which was facilitated by Restorative Justice Solutions Limited. I took part in the training along with about ten other newly recruited volunteers and housing officers from the Beaumont Leys area. The training involved the use of books on restorative justice, discussions of its theory and practice, and it demanded full and active participation. Role plays were used to simulate real situations which may arise in the process.

At the training the importance of confidentiality was emphasised. Volunteers were reminded that the details of restorative conferences should not be divulged to a third party without the permission of the participants. Also, I learnt that risk assessments are also a central feature of restorative justice mediation and are required to determine the suitability of individual cases for restorative interventions. Additionally, the importance of volunteer self awareness was also addressed, and served as a reminder of the importance of being cognisant of the limits of one's competence and of not being afraid to decline cases or to seek assistance where required. Volunteers were also advised to signpost participants to relevant organisations which would be better able to deal with issues which may arise in the restorative process.

Volunteers were also advised to never assume too much and to use good sense to determine if parties are psychologically prepared to enter the process given the nature and extent of the harm along with the length of time which had since elapsed. The importance of interpreting body language of participants and of detecting participant resistance to the aims of restorative justice conferencing was also addressed. It is counterproductive to have participants act out in an aggressive manner in conferences, and so, the mediator has an obligation to discuss the process separately with the victim and offender prior to the conference to ascertain participants' motives for involvement and to ensure that they understand what is expected of the process.

In the preparation of my placement project, I had a discussion with Sandie Hastings, a police officer and restorative justice veteran here in the U.K.  My discussion with her was enlightening and served as an additional induction into the theory and practice of restorative justice, as she offered an assessment of restorative justice from the perspective of crime prevention and reduction. I came to the realisation that restorative justice incorporated psychological, sociological and criminological perspectives.

 I entered the training programme  extremely doubtful of my ability to live up to the expectations of mediation volunteering, however, by the end of the training I was a lot more confident and assured that restorative justice mediation was well within the ambits of my competency. To summarise, my entire experience on placement at Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands was essentially a learning experience where I was explained the theory behind restorative justice and where I was involved in various discussions with practitioners in the field. I am forever grateful to RJI Midlands for this opportunity and I am eager to put everything which I have learnt into practice in my country of Trinidad and Tobago.

Many thanks and best wishes to RJI Midlands."