Vision Statement

Encompassing community representation at all levels dedicated to providing collaborative partnerships and education that addresses, encourages, and supports crime prevention efforts across the Midlands. We exist to promote comprehensive awareness about the role that effective restorative justice practices and mediation plays in crime prevention and in improving the quality of life for all. Restorative Justice Initiative is recognised as the driving force in promoting and advancing sustainable crime prevention amongst migrants  and local community (Restorative Justice – Mediation), and in enhancing community safety through progressive resources and training tailored to address local needs throughout the Midlands.


  1. To preserve a high quality of life and feeling of safety for the region's diverse population.
  2. To optimise the use of restorative justice to balance firm and quick response to all forms of crime with community problem solving and crime prevention approaches. RJI is mission-oriented in all of its priorities and activities.
  3. RJI philosophy and work processes reflect modern, quality conflict mediation concepts, involving every member of the community in an effort to continually improve all areas of administration and operations. Quality leadership at all levels reflects RJI's commitment to a strong work ethics, while valuing diversity, promoting effective learning, enhancing and maintaining flexibility.
  4. RJI constantly strives for effectiveness in preventing and fighting migrants and youth crime, for effective collaboration with other organisation, and for providing support to law enforcement. To this end, RJI recruits and trains volunteer mediators, supports and train participants as progressive peer mediators.
  5. Through this process it is hope that young people, migrants and community members will resolve conflicts in a respectful, safe and restorative manner.
  6. RJI promotes a greater understanding of Principled Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and paradigmatic levels. We positively and conscientiously communicate with audiences at different levels of familiarity with our subject matter.
  7. We seek to inspire hope by showing a way out of the pattern of conflict, crime and injustice. We seek to facilitate new understandings between people, empower people to incorporate peaceful principles in their work for social change, and contribute to the creation of a nonviolent future in our community.